No, don’t want to speak to someone who’s highlight of the day was changing a toner cartridge

Lots of things arrived. My new Sony 7506 headphones, which are fantastic. The transceiver that I only ordered yesterday arrived by midday. Took a while to get the damn thing programmed up with the local repeater but got there in the end. Logbook also arrived, so all set to go….

Except I left it on all day and just listened to people talk through the repeater. If anything could drive you to suicide then listening to these dull peoples lives would. Anyone who can bang on for almost twenty minutes about changing a photocopier toner cartridge I don’t think I could hold a conversation with. Maybe tomorrow.

I worked on fiber stuff. All successful. Then it was back to shaders.

Went to the gym and did Spin with Laverene. Came back and did some more playing around with music and then some video editing. Then sat down and tried to find old Ubuntu scripts to do with the old Belkin UPS. I need to revert all these before putting the new UPS in, as this one actually supports proper power off shutdown.

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