We’ve blocked your code as we think there may have been some fraudulent transactions

Yesterday started as normal, with me in bed. I did have to get up though to take the dogs out and then pop up to Staverton. Beautiful weather for once. Did another 1.3 hours, a few circuits, a high auto-rotation. Then some quick stops and some rather dramatic high speed ground manoeuvres, where I did indeed try to kill us. James actually swore, James never swears but apparently I did come very close to taking a pylon out. Took a full lot of head cam footage again which I’ve transferred to the Mac but haven’t had a chance to look at yet.

Popped in B&Q. Came back. We then sat down and started booking things for the trip. So hotels in Anaheim, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Boston, Washington DC and New York. Also booked tickets for a Vegas show. I lost count of how much I spent, mainly as I got through about two bottles of wine during the proceedings. I was due to cook, but couldn’t be assed so we ordered an Indian.

Woke up this morning to a phone call from a Scottish lady from Tesco bank, informing me that they thought they had detected fraudulent transactions. I said no it was perfectly normal to spend four hundred quid on helicopter lessons, about twenty in B&Q and then about a grand on hotels in the USA followed by a curry…in the same day. She upped my credit limit and unblocked the card.

As it was nice we did what all good gays do and went shopping. We actually did clothes shopping in Top Man. We never normally do this kind of thing together. I think Jamie was feeling fragile after I’d spent Friday nights bath chatting to an 18 year old called Jordan on Tinder. He worked in ‘PoundStretcher’. We also went in Halfords and picked up a new Sat-nav. I already have the USA maps on a memory card so shoved that in and all worked fine. I was rather cruel and tried to get it to route from my house to the hotel in Anaheim, it got to about 40% then crashed.

Sealed the floor in front of the washing machine, this is the bit Jamie soaked by overflowing the sink last week. I managed to dry most of it out with a heat gun. I’m still not happy with it. I may chop another 30mm off it and put an edging on. I’m getting very pissed off pulling the bloody washing machine in and out.

So tonight I have to cook last nights food. But bath first.

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