I found I had no talent as a DJ, but enjoyed playing with the demo of Traktor

Had a fairly rough night again, which meant I was knackered again this morning. Cracked on with work, I spent all day looking at issues with grass. First there was stack corruption, then there were memory trashing issues, which turned out not to be memory trashing issues. It’s working better now but still has some issues with it, I have a feeling they are cross platform though, so will require a lot more digging.

Went to Combat. That was fun. Talked to my sister, she loved my video, so I’ve made it public, at least it will be some sort of talking point.

I was saying to Jamie that ‘Everything is awesome’ from the Lego movie sounded very similar to ‘5-6-7-8’ by ‘Steps’. So I downloaded a demo of Traktor, which is a program I played with years and years ago, it’s certainly advanced a long way. I got hold of the two tracks and banged them in. I then beat matched them and started banging around with the cross-fader. Sure enough they are very similar, you can replace the rap in one with the other and it all matches. However my DJ ability is rather limited, but it gave me an hour of unusual fun.

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