QVC’s best customer

Had a fairly restless night, even after having sex at 3AM. Still, woke up early. Finally managed to persuade Jamie to get me breakfast. I had a text from Captain James and we were set for a 4:15PM take off. So I decided to get up get on with things. It took me a few hours to get the cloakroom door strip done and the door refitted. So by the time I’d tidied up and had a couple of boiled eggs it was time to set off.

Arrived bang on time. Airport was very busy, as this has been the only nice day in weeks. Wind was virtually zero. I attached my ISAW head cam, to my er, head. We refuelled Charlie Delta and I went through the pre-flight and started her up. The takeoff into hover was awful. Captain James took over and got us to x-ray. I then took over and got into the climb. We flew out over Tewksbury and looked at all the flooding. It was very picturesque, but probably not so much joy for the people actually down there. Did a few climbs and descents to get me back into the groove as it had been about five weeks. The it was back on to circuits, think I did four or five, until it got dark. They got better as I went on, but I was certainly rusty. Was good to be up again, will try and got up again soon, depending on the weather. Drove back and imported the footage, it’s quite impressive but I could of done with a little bit more light towards the end. I posted a few odd bits on Facebook, but want to get some more daytime footage and do a proper edit.

Finally bottled the Pinot. I now have seventy-two bottles of home brew in the spare room which I’m unable to drink for another twelve days. Had a bath. Made food, which was once again a chicken curry. So same again next week.

So yesterday I made a new video. It’s about QVC, actually it’s more about my mothers addiction to QVC and her ability to spend just under five grand in about sixteen months on complete tat. The video is a private listing at the moment, so won’t appear on a YouTube search. However you can view it here. Let me know what you think. Yes, it’s a bit personal, but I imagine quite a lot of people may have experienced something similar, plus it’s quite funny in places.

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