So after a week off I wipe two minutes off my PB

I’m sure that wine last night was slightly corked. Worked was hanging around a hell of a lot for a data build. So I took the advantage and answered two hundred and forty odd questions on air-law. I passed. Then went through all the ones I didn’t get right. Oddly there were quite a few that I couldn’t find the answers to in the book at all. So I text James and asked to have a bash at the exam, he said to contact Candia. I then managed to send an email to the wrong address so god knows. Walked Sasha, it’s actually about one and a half miles around the block.

Finished off the stuff I was working on to do with render thread management. Incidentally I don’t ever mention what I’m working on, but it’s currently demoing at EGX and getting good feedback, so I’m pretty happy with that. Went for a run, felt rather energetic for some reason (back to the dodgy wine I expect) managed to knock two minutes off my personal best. Had a shower.

It’s now torture porn night, hadn’t had one of them for a while, and it’s a horror film. Roll on the cheese, and the wine.

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