All was strangely calm, perhaps they didn’t miss me after all

So was at the kennels at 9.20, dogs picked up fine. Started work just before 10. All was fairly quiet to be honest, the world didn’t end while I was away, which is slightly annoying. Things progressed, builds were done and there was no major panics. I spent the bulk of the day catching up on forum activity, various emails from console manufacturers and looking into a new technique that’s just been launched in the SDK. Lots of data building as well. Tomorrow the coding work proper starts again.

Walked Sasha. Went to the gym and did Combat. Came home and Jamie and his bloody treadmill have arrived. He finally got round to putting it together. It’s now packed vertically in the dining room, this is probably the position it will stay until I end up e-baying the bloody thing.

I looked into Blackpool, but due to the closeness it’s just not going to be practical this year.

I’m now upstairs waiting for him to get off the couch and go to bed so I don’t have to listen to his continual bloody sniffing.

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