So G7IYM is licensed again

Don’t usually have too many good things to say about Ofcom, but I suppose it’s actually ‘Spectrum Licensing’ so some other off-shoot. But this morning to my surprise an envelope turned up which contained a newly issued amateur radio license. Considering all I supplied them with a couple of weeks ago was a filled in form with a few previous addresses on it. I couldn’t find any old validation documents or my original exam passes. Anyway they’ve granted me a full license, so I can tear up the airwaves at 400 watts. I won’t though, as I have no great interest in talking to very dull people about very dull subjects. I did however order a dual band UHF/VHF transceiver. This is just to do a bit of testing with so I can do my telephony exam for the PPL. I’ll see how I get on, but I expect the first few contacts I make I’ll want to murder in about ten minutes. There’s also the possibility I may bump into an old acquaintance of mine, who will save me talking as all he does is talk about himself.

I’m not even going to discuss work as it was shaders again. Took Dillon to daycare and picked him up.

Went to the gym and did Body Pump. Drank protein. Came back and did a bit more work, then a bit more video editing. My Mac was on a go-slow so gave up after a while and let it think about what ever it needed to think about. Hopefully tomorrow it will have got whatever it was out of the way.

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