Defying gravity

This morning started late. In fact it started at about 10:20 after a beautiful nights sleep. Even though our room was right next to all the air conditioning units. We got up and checked out. The weather was terrible to say the least. We walked about ten yards and stumbled into a small Italian cafe that was serving breakfast. Jamie had the full English which was fucking massive and I had a giant bagel, lots of coffee. Considering the hotel was doing breakfast for twenty quid and it was probably shit, this was a fiver for a plate the size of the sun. After the coffee had kicked in and my bowels had done a good download, we headed next door to the tacky ticket shop. We decided that we could either get very fucking wet walking around London or do another show. They had tickets for the Wicked matinĂ©e, so we grabbed those. We still ended up doing a bit of walking around London and went in a few places. We went in Tokyo toys and I picked up a great ‘Death Note’ note book. Went in ‘World of M&M’s’ which is just fucking strange. We got on the underground to Victoria.

We had a wonder around in the rain, but eventually just waited in the theatre. We’d both actually seen wicked before, I saw it years ago and fell asleep during the entire second half (I’d had a long day at work). We had good seats in the stalls, I had a bloke with a large head in front of me which was rather annoying. First half was great. Cast not amazing, but good. They could sing, but I have seen better. No disrespect to the cast, but if you’ve listened to the original Broadway cast with Idena Menzel this was a pale imitation. It’s still a brilliant show though, all the good stuff is in act one. Act two is more just of a tie in with the Wizard of Oz with quite a few easily forgettable songs. After she’s nailed the final note of defying gravity in the first half, the best is over. Again, we left smiling.

Got straight on the underground back to Paddington. Picked up a rather nice pasty. Jamie had yet another burger. Train journey home was uneventful, until a pissed football fan got on at Reading. He then started shouting about if the train was going to Reading. He babbled on that his favourite film was “Planes, Trains and Auto-mobiles’. I’m sure his favourite book is ‘Where’s Wally?’, which would contain nothing but selfies. Drove home.

It’s been a great couple of days. We’ve had a lot of fun. And that, as I’m realising is what life is all about.

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