Today was very taxing

Woke up fairly early, so started fairly early. Found out most people on my team were actually working which cocked up my plans a bit. Picked up the dogs. Dillon managed to bash down the gate and made a run for it, closely followed by Sasha. They ran to the car. I settled up and took them home. They spent the entire day sleeping.

I spent the entire day working on something I’m still not happy with. I think I’m going to end up reverting it all, goes like that some times. The rest of the time I spent calculating the average unit price for electric for the year 2012/2013. Then after that working how many units had been used. Followed by expenses for inter lines and server components. I then filled in and filed my tax return. They owe me about six hundred quid, so that was time very well spent. Also tried to catch up with some accounts stuff. Put up the new wall planner.

I went for a run. Then I went to Spin this evening. So slowly getting back into the swing of things. Will probably have another long day tomorrow, split between work and accounts type things, as well as some tidying up.

Looking at upgrading my SLR, just doing some research into it.

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