Well that was refreshingly different

This morning the coughing had stopped. It was replaced by a thumping headache and blocked sinuses. I eventually fired up the system, but it was a hell of a combo of pain killers and coffee. Saying that, work wise, today was actually quite productive. There were a couple of long outstanding ‘flicker’ bugs. This is stuff that just glitches to piss you off and then every time you go to look at it it stops. I got lucky. Managed to fix the ….. lol …. just had to delete the platform I’m working on! pretty early on. Then I tested it on PC, it still bloody flickered. After lots of delving I finally worked it out, so that was pretty cool. That leaves me clear next week to sort out MSAA, will be good to have a clear week to do it.

Shopping arrived, no paper. Dragged myself to the gym, Pump was okay, but the session afterwards with Laverne was bloody hard going. Came back and checked in all my work. Then I got into the bath.

Oh, Jamie’s driving license has finally turned up, so that’s one less worry.

I picked up the phone and dialled a number that I haven’t for a hell of a long time. I wished my mother a happy birthday and asked if she enjoyed her day in Cardiff. She did, she also mentioned that she didn’t buy anything at all. I didn’t ask why she has three active credit cards logged on her QVC account. I then talked about me, helicopters, our USA trip, laminate flooring, she didn’t get a word in for forty-five minutes. I then said I was feeling ill so that was the end of it. Quite painless and quite tolerable. If only she can keep that up we will be able to communicate. She has invited herself over on Sunday to delivery my birthday cake. We’ll see how that goes.

After I got out of the bath I washed my hair and then went to bed for an hour. Had to get up as I haven’t eaton, and I would have had major stomach acid tomorrow. Just tried to explain to two dogs that if they behaved then they could have a slice of pizza each. Both are laying down nicely, I think they kind of got the message.

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