Then I completely forgot the second anniversary

So now been running for just over two years. Same system, well okay that was replaced a bit later, but basically it’s the exact same install as I started with. Still running Ubuntu, still with all the same settings. And how many times has it crashed? None. Not once, not even a blip. Word Press has been upgraded monthly and all the Ubuntu updates and security fixes have also been applied. Can’t really complain, it all just ‘works’.

Work today was all about colour buffer compression, and to cut a long story short, got absolutely nowhere. I couldn’t get the damn thing to work properly with MSAA.

We took the dogs out, they went for a swim. Oh, I finally took the car to the garage and got that bush thing fitted. It really did only take about ten minutes and they did it straight away.

Went to the gym, did Pump. It was just so bloody hot. Then worked on chest with Laverne. Did a bit more work. Loaded up the GPS, updated the Sat-Nav. Already for tomorrow. No new video this week so far, I’ve just imported the footage from the London trip.

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