PC for work, Mac for pleasure

So started bang on 9AM. Working on bugs, varied, nothing too exciting, just lots of tracing required. Had a short break to walk Sasha, it was far too miserable to get Dillon out. Started Sasha on her tablets, she’s still hyper. Apparently they start working in eight hours, they didn’t. So was due to finish at five forty, so finished at about quarter to seven. Changed and then got on with the sanding. I think I’m almost there now, probably one more pass before I put the primer on. If I can get it primed Saturday and ready to paint Sunday that would be great. That just leaves some tidying up of the door paint work and reinforcing the unit, which I now have about a month to do.

Okay so this year I’ve learnt to fly a helicopter solo, next year need a bit of a new challenge, I have something good in mind, and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper, but may be just as difficult.

One thing I have noticed is that ever since I’ve got this MacBook Air, I don’t use a PC for pleasure at all, everything is on a Mac. Final Cut Pro, Traktor, Garage Band, iDraw, probably Cubase soon. If only I could get fruit loops for Mac I wouldn’t need a PC again other than for work. I’ve got two laptops and a netbook, I don’t think i’ve turned them on in a year.

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