So I started the morning being in a film with Helen Mirron, then ended it being a member of Kiss

Dame Helen and Sir Ian were a few rows in front of me. A lady to my right said, “God that’s dame Helen Mirron”. I said rather casually, “Yes, I’ve just been in a film with her, would you like to meet her?”. We got up from our seats on the roller coaster and went to the entrance. But they exited of course through the exit. We were at a Charlie and the chocolate factory themed roller coaster. I said if we catch up with them again I would introduce her. We then got locked outside. Thankfully I then woke up.

Studied a couple more chapters in air law, after Jamie finally got me breakfast. We then had sex, which is the first time since we were in London. I put in a large amount of banging and Jamie did quite a good vocal performance. I then got up and cleared up all the fallen apples and dog poo. After a light lunch I then went out for a run, did about nine miles, in the wind and rain. Came back, had a shower. Then set up three cameras and lots of lighting. We then made a new video. It involved face painting. I did a tiger on Jamie and I ended up with what was supposed to be a Disney version of a Meerkat, it looked more like I was a member of Kiss. Still it was good fun. I now have over two and a half hours of video footage to try and edit.

Had a bath. I’m now going to have a chicken pie.

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