BSOD did not defeat me, just pissed me off a bit

So another night which was hot and clammy. Worked out the faulty SIMM module, but after that it still didn’t boot properly, so started working through msconfig disabling stuff. Turned out it was Acronis, which is annoying as thats the backup software, so could restore an earlier backup. Had issues uninstalling it, in the end I just put the latest version on there. Will register it tomorrow and pay the upgrade price. It’s been five years since I’ve updated it, so it hasn’t done bad.

Finally managed to get some work done, and thankfully that was actually successful. Went for a run. Then this evening ended up walking for two and a half hours looking for one geocache, which I found, eventually, after wading through a river.

Updated the server and word press. Looked at fish recipes. Will attempt another early night. Sasha at daycare tomorrow, it’s at a new location. Cleaners should be coming as well.

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