I am the plasterboard king

So yesterday I did stuff and got a haircut. We then went out in the evening and had a curry. Oddly at the same restaurant at the table next to us was the guy who cut my hair earlier.

So today was all about the bass. Okay, actually it was all about the bathroom. Started with one coat of neutraliser, followed by blasting out all the remaining tiles. Got all that done, then took down all the plasterboard. It surprised me how this house actually stands up considering how piss poor some of the framing work is. Where then end of the bath is, there is now jointing to anything. Still, all gone now. Made a trip to the tip, git rid of a load, still lots lots more to go. Got the side of the bath off, that’s all free now. Two more coats of neutraliser and I’ve sanded down everything else. All looking pretty good. Plumber number one is going to give me a new quote. He’s still available at the end of November and isn’t VAT registered, which generally means he will be crap. No quote from Polish guy yet. I’m going to give him a serious mouthful if he ever gives one, which if he has any sense he just won’t bother.

We went to the local fireworks display, it wasn’t bad considering it was free. Had a bath. Now looking forward to the joys of work next week.

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