Zen and the art of packet loss

Started a bit late. Wanted to do research into collision meshes. Bit of a messy day as far as that went. Spent a while peeing about trying to get an Orange sim car to work. Failed, ordered another Vodafone one. It’s only to test to see if a phone is properly unlocked anyway. Then the whole internet was just grinding to an absolute halt. Looking on pfSense, surprisingly it wasn’t Virgin, it was Zen. It was showing around 50% packet loss. This was somewhat odd. Got hold of Zen using online chat in about 10 seconds. They asked to ping my router, which of course then required me to piddle about with pfSense adding a rule for ICMP and route through to the WAN address. Anyway, got there without out two many problems. So he pinged me from Zen…trace route was all good until it got to the final hop, which was me. So he asked if I had an ordinary router, which of course I’ve got boxes of. So I decided the closest one was the Draytek I use as an access point. So connected that to the DSL line. It synced no problem. But ping wasn’t enabled. Now with this being just used as an AP I’d disabled DHCP on it. So it was guess the IP address time. I failed. So up to the loft for another router. Got another Draytek. This one synced. Also didn’t have ping enabled, but at least it did have DHCP on it, so was easily sorted, after I remembered the admin password. So he pinged this one, 100% good. Ok, so either pfSense was up the swanny or pfSense was up the swanny. So reset it. Worked fine for about two minutes then packet loss again. So I decided to look at the web interface for the Vigor 120, which is the ethernet modem. Took bloody ages trying to connect to it and then it kept timing out. This was very odd. It must have died. So prodded it a bit. Found a tiny tiny reset hole and shoved a paperclip in it. It did a factory reset. Then synced and worked beautifully. I haven’t had a packet loss since. Moral of the story, if it doesn’t work try resetting it…yes indeed, sometimes this does in fact work.

Walked the dog. Went to the gym and did Pump. Bath and wine o’clock me thinks. Not sure what’s happening this weekend, but it will no doubt be busy. This cold has now lasted for three weeks.

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