Erotic dream? No, a maths A level paper

So woke up after a rather bizarre dream. Was it erotic and sexual? Well, depends on your preferences. I dreamt an entire Maths A level paper. I don’t mean I just dreamt thinking about taking the exam, no, I dreamt every bloody question, and I did all the working out. Worse part was that I couldn’t answer most of it, not surprising considering I’ve never done A level maths. So my brain is now capable of conjuring up exam papers. Looking forward to A level physics tonight and may be next week A home economics, at least then I can eat something. Obviously spending far too much time reading bloody vehicle dynamics books.

Went shopping. Did a couple of animal rechecks and that really was about it. Oh, did some more paint stripping of that bloody door frame. Still not finished.

Anyway, quick bath, glass of wine, then on with the curry.

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