The cold continues into it’s third week

Again I wasn’t exactly too spritely up this morning. After I’d blown out about 3 gallons of snot it was back on to physics stuff. Got really stuck into it all today and once again did far more hours than I should of. But did squeeze in some extra Japanese. I’m still going through my flash cards each time and trying to remember all the words, it must be about 180 by now.

Nothing else done really. I managed to tank the pppoe connection by plugging the notebook into the Draytek and trying to look at the the current line status. It seems okay, but according to the Zen logs it’s been doing a resync every couple of days. I’m not losing any signel though so just something to keep an eye on. I want to see if the built in reset I’ve added to pfSense will kick the modem back online. Will have to wait to 4AM to find out.

Oh, so that’s no access to this before 4AM and no email for me either. Still I’m after a quiet night now. It’s torture porn night. Actually it’s the second half of the second Twilight film.

The sim card for my old Galaxy S turned up. My hacking attempts were successful and I managed to unlock it, so as a fallback I can use that one in Japan if I get a data sim.

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