X-Plane 10 must be bloody good, 8 DVD’s and a 3 hour install

So work was back on DX11, finally nailed the problem, it wasn’t even anything to do with the renderer. Still, that’s the way it goes sometimes.

Walked the dogs, they pulled, very annoying.

Lots of things turned up today. My helicopter. My study books and DVD and x-plane 10.

I started charging the helicopter batteries, they take fucking ages. I haven’t looked at the books yet, but watched the DVD. Basic stuff, but covers some useful numbers.

I did attempt to get the helicopter to take off, it didn’t. Mind you it was dark and I think I have the pitch set wrong, will try and crash it again tomorrow.

I started installing x-plane 10, it’s 8 DVD’s. I only selected UK and North America scenery and it still took around 3 hours to install. Eventually it finished, then did a whacking great patch over the top. I’ve installed it on the iMac as that has a good screen and plenty of drive space. It’s also an i7 so has plenty of grunt. Had a quick pop with the R22, it isn’t very good, I need to get the plug-in for the decent one. It does work with my fancy joystick though, so should all be set when I have that. It does look pretty good.

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