If you want to give yourself nightmares, do a Google for R22 fatal accidents

Got up at 6:20 and took Sasha to daycare. Went back to bed.

Got up. Work wise was all bloody triangle drawing again. It’s basically all working now except a weird bug in DX11 which none of us can work out (yet). It’s a bug frustrating waste of time.

Walked Dillon.

Did more work, then picked up Sasha. Jamie had one of his little blue friends round.

Went out to find a Geocache, to find the lane blocked off and replaced by a new sewer. Still it was a nice two hour walk.

Came back and got frustrated about DX11 again. Then did a search for R22 helicopter accidents, wish I hadn’t. There was one in Cambridge last year where a 59 hour pilot managed to smash the rotors into the fuselage, cause unknown, but 99.9% pilot error. Probably over compensated the controls, which on an R22 is bloody easy. Still you have to die somehow and I’ve done about every thing I ever wanted to do now anyway (apart from shag Adam Rickitt) and I have no real pension plan. So may as well die on some kind of adventure.

I’ve ordered a Helicopter anyway, it should be flown in tomorrow by Parcel Force.

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