Right, so the model is harder to fly than the real thing. But the simulator is very good though.

Work wise was lost of little things. Various playing with SSE2 intrinsics which was good fun. I’m almost at a stage now where I can start doing what I’m supposed to be doing next week.

Lunchtime I went outside with the model heli. God that’s hard to control. I mean really hard. I don’t thing I got it off the ground for more than a second without it drifting. I’m not sure it’s set up well either as it pulls badly to the left.

Went to pump. Trudie tonight, Laverne must be off somewhere again.

Came back and bought the proper R22 plug-in for x-plane 10. It seems very accurate, if slightly bugged to fuck. Hovering is almost impossible, so very much like the real thing. I think it’s going to be great (but frustrating) for practicing on. So I’ll try and give it a little bit every day. It’s installed on the iMac, so at least it boots in the same hour you power it on.

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