Wreck-It Ralph

Today was rather weird. I was working as normal, doing physics type stuff. Was then requested for some schedule information. But it appears to be the usual case of someone telling one person one thing and another person something else. It ended up with me being told to ‘find another job’, which was really friendly considering it was on an internal forum. Anyway, that person was put in their place and made a public apology. Although I don’t see this project going much beyond conception anyway, will see how it goes.

Due to all the drama I ended up going for a run very late in the afternoon. Came back and finished off yesterday’s Japanese lesson. Quite a lot of it is making sense now, but I do need to keep running through my flash-cards, otherwise I’m pretty terrible at forgetting the words. Ate salad and then it was off to the cinema to see ‘Wreck-It Ralph’. Well, it was okay, at a push. The first twenty minutes or so was fine, then it all got a bit boring and started looking at my watch. I tried to find all the Sonic references, I missed all of them, Jamie spotted them all. They could have done more with it. The trailer film at the beginning about the paper planes was probably better. Still, it was an evening out, on Valentines day. Oh yes, I failed to get Jamie a car. He got be a card, a singing teddy bear and rose petals. I ended up printing out a ‘Tesco Value’ Valentines card. It’s the thought that counts.

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