More joys of drive trains

Today I’m still working on physics type stuff. Mainly the drive train still. It’s all interesting yet slightly confusing at the same time. You have an engine and gearbox, a clutch and then the most confusing mechanical thing ever in life, a differential. Still, can’t talk much about it all, but it’s good fun anyway.

Mmm, well not really much today. Walked the dog, did the washing, went to Body Pump. It really has been quite a quiet day, just kind of got on with it. After yesterday, it makes a nice change. Still, lots and lots to do next week, been a little slow progress this week, but as I say it’s all kind of new stuff to me so I have to learn it and then write it all.

Bath and pizza time (not at the same time though). Not sure what I’ve got on tomorrow yet. I know we are supposed to be going out in the evening.

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