All torque and no trousers

Woke up at about 6:15 so couldn’t be assed to sleep for ten minutes so got up and got the dog ready. Dropped her off at daycare, was back by 6:50. Didn’t get up until 10 then.

Today I was mostly working on physics type maths stuff. Which is fun but complex. All torque curves and braking curves, coefficients and inertia’s. At the end of the day I have a pretty ‘animated spreadsheet’, which is great for me as I like numbers, but not too pretty for anyone else who actually wants to see something visual. Anyway, a long way to go on that, but made a pretty good start anyway. I now understand more about it than I did yesterday, which is always a good sign, plus I think I can say ‘I had fun’, which is always a plus.

Didn’t go running outside today as the weather really was bloody miserable, raining and freezing cold plus a massive head wind. So instead as I finished a bit earlier by working right through lunch I went to the gym for a run instead. Came back and carried on with my Japanese lessons. It’s getting there, but it’s certainly more than five minutes work.

We are apparently going to the cinema tomorrow, so I may do the torture porn thing tonight instead. Anyway, time for salad.

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