Wine and pain killers, the ultimate combo

So the day started fairly slowly with my neck killing again and couldn’t sleep at all. I took an absolute shed load of diclofenac or there was just no way I was going to be able to move and be the life and soul of any party. That slowly kicked in. So I did something rather weird and quite fun….I sat there with my iPad and made a twelve minute vlog with no editing, straight off the cuff. That was pretty good going. Then spend ages trying to work out how to upload to YouTube, using a combination of iMac’s, iPad’s and PC’s. Using more processing power than launched the first space shuttle I finally got it p there. The channel needs a lot more work, so I’m not going to broadcast any links yet.

I took the dogs out and found a dead cat. So I drove out afterwards and picked it up and dropped it at the vets, hopefully it was chipped. I then had lunch and trundled down to Whiteladies Road. Picked up a new wall planner and a Richer Sounds catalogue. Wandered back and got stuck in traffic. Got home, downed a load more anti-flams and had a shower.

Mother picked us up. Arrived at Sarah’s. Visited Daniel in his lair, he was orgasming over his PC. I visited Connor, gave him £20 for drugs or whatever and admired the smell. Meal was very good, yet another roast, but this time it was duck. I consumed a bottle of wine, was the life and soul of the party, ripped into mother at every opportunity. I gave the boys an Xbox One, aren’t I nice. I then spent two hours over the thrown feeling rather dizzy, this is the second time I’ve mixed diclofenac with alcohol, I should have really learnt the first time. You don’t really feel drunk, just very disorientated. It’s a bit like MDMA but without Modanna. After one or the other worn off I was fine. Played some odd game. Came home, ate cheese, read a book for a couple of hours. Actually managed to get some sleep.

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