A time for virtual retirement

So today started fine, my neck is a lot better now. Had breakfast and then cracked on. A list of things to do today. First thing I wanted to do really was to move the iMac, but this requires creating some space. Now I have a very old PC in the corner, by old I think it dates back to probably about 1996. It’s still in use. Every Saturday I crank it up and run Microsoft Money on it. It runs Windows 2000, an operating system that hasn’t had an update in at least five years, Internet Explorer no longer works on it, the only browser that does seem to work is FireFox and that keeps on moaning that it’s out of date. I installed Microsoft Money on my main PC and restored the backup. I’ve now got that all working, instead of backing up to a couple of dodgy floppies it now backs itself up to DropBox in the cloud. I didn’t want to destroy the machine completely though as I’d certainly like to keep a copy of it. So I installed VMware converter and let it do it’s thing. I forgot that this PC is so old it only has a 10mbps network card in it, so it’s happily creating a virtual image of itself at 7.8MB/sec. It’s taking a while, and the first attempt failed at 97% with a registry error, I fixed that and now have to go through the whole bloody thing again. Still, progress. I cleared up under the bench ready to move the iMac, but it will be tomorrow now before I do that.

In other news, Jamie has yet another cold, I’m sure it’s the same one he’s had for about four years though. Walked the dogs. Forgot to have lunch. Picked up the dog poo. Sterilised an awful lot of bottles and buckets. Transferred my Chardonnay, it will need doing again as it picked up quite a lot of sediment. Put the stabilizer in the Pinot, that will require a lot of beating.

We ate out at Frankie and Benny’s, the new one by the MOD. It was very nice, had a lovely burger. Cokes were pricey though.

Came back and created a new YouTube webpage, so this is the one my videos will be logged under. Still sorting out uploads and stuff at the moment, but with Jamie’s help it’s actually getting there.

Flying tomorrow, I’m sure I’ve forgotten everything now though as it’s been about three weeks.

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