Well this reunion worked out just fine

Didn’t sleep much last night due to my neck, a muscle in spasm apparently. So stayed in bed in a comfortable position to try and get some sleep. Soon time to drive over to Gloucester Road area and meet up with an old friend.

We met in the ‘Tinto Lounge’ which is one of these ‘uber’ cafes. It was lovely to see him again, hasn’t changed a bit. We caught up on eighteen years of history. He had fish and chips and I had a chicken burger, food was very good. Conversation flowed freely and it brought back a lot of fond memories. I still reckon it was the best job I ever had. (For those that don’t know, it was a company called ‘Cyberdrome’ and we installed large scale Crystal Maze’s in bowling allies all over the world). I think the only odd part of the conversation came after about an hour when I had to explain that Jamie, wasn’t in fact my brother:) We nattered for about two hours.

Came back and walked the dogs. Then I set-up my new iPad Air. All pretty straightforward. Did a few maintenance bits on the PC and took some power readings, ready for the tax return. Also played around with iMovie for a bit and did my first ten second youtube video (it’s a private channel, so know you can’t see it).

Then I retired to bed to rest my neck with a hot pillow and the first three episodes of Dexter Season 7, all good so far. Now must be time for a bath.

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