Well thats the last time I’m going in M&S again until I need sensible pants

Didn’t have a great deal planned for today, which was a good idea as I didn’t get an awful lot done. So slept, walked the dog and went to Tesco’s. As we didn’t really need anything for next week I bought huge amounts of chocolate bars, which is the standard holiday food. Still it still came to over sixty quid.

Came back and had lunch. Still needed to obtain more Yen for Jamie and a comb. Tesco had combs but I wasn’t spending a fiver on a comb just because it had the signature of some coiffured twat on it. So ventured into town, went to the post office which was bound to have Yen, it didn’t. Went to Thomas Cooke, which also failed to have any. The lady there though said to try M&S, which I thought was rather a strange idea. However, behind all the sensible underwear lurked an exchange booth where they preceded to have plenty of Yen. So that was all very satisfying.

Oh and I did manage to get a comb, in Boots. It was still 99p for a bit of bloody plastic tat, but at least it was twat signature free.

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