Well I’ve got as far as printing out a Yokohama bus map

So last day of work for a couple of weeks. So basically it was just chasing round people finishing stuff off, nothing too dramatic. Managed to get up to Unit 6 on the Japanese course, may do a little bit more on the weekend but will probably leave it around there for now.

Walked the dog. Went to pump. Tried to do a copy of Jamie’s passport which failed due to the colour printer not being used for a year and all the inks have dried up. Printed out a map of how to get from the train station to the hotel and another one of the Yokohama bus system, which is so small I can’t read it, but at least I feel I’ve made the effort.

It’s all just so much easier now of course, we are going to be offline for about the duration of the flight and that’s about it. We’ll probably pick up data sim cards there and we are taking a mini router, so we’ll have full wireless access in the room. So any info we want we can obtain there. I did dig out my old passport collection last night, I went to Japan first in 1996 and then again in 1999, so 14 years since the last visit. I’m looking forward to going back to Yokohama, it will be interesting to see how much its changed and whats happened to the old ‘English Tavern’. I have a lot of old memories there, could be quite emotional.

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