All packed ready for the off

Started this morning being rather lazy, actually been like that pretty much all day. Didn’t get up until the early afternoon. No we didn’t spend all morning having sex, Jamie kept complaining that jamming his cock up and down to various tunes on Radio 2 was not the way to arouse him.

I got and put the alarm sensor back on the wall and did some packing. Not too bad, the only things we appear to be missing are shaving gel and toothpaste. Everything has been charged up, I’ve got the boarding passes, sorted out the dog food into nice individual bags and got the neighbour to stick the bin out. Fed the lizards and topped up their water bowls. Watered the plants (they will still die). Printed out various directions.

So that’s it really, just need to drop the dog off and off we go.

So if all goes to plan… next update will be coming from Tokyo. If it doesn’t it means the plane has crashed and we are probably dead. In which case please look after the dog.

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