Well I successfully blocked my mother, and bought some curtains

So this morning I had a bit of a lie-in followed by breakfast for all. I then got into adding the new alloy bits to the CX2. Stripped it all down a rebuilt it. Bound it to the Dx6i. Took it for a test flight. The gyro had to be backed off to a point it was off, so it’s giving me serious tail drift. This is apparently a common problem. I’ve ordered a head lock gyro to see if that works better. I managed to chip a blade, bust the battery holder and a skid, not too bad. I did really enjoy the rebuild, it’s sort of like maintaining a kart again, but without the freezing cold and slightly less industrial.

Had lunch, then went to Tesco’s. Had to queue half hour to park. Picked up pills. Drove over to mothers and picked her up. We went to Gardiner Haskins which I don’t think I’ve been to since I bought carpet tiles. Managed to get the exact paint I wanted. Then we looked at curtains, managed to get two pairs and a nice pole for a good price. They are going to be slightly too long though.

She moaned about not being able to access my blog any more. She said she didn’t mind though as she didn’t read it much anyway. Then she moaned some more and asked how I did it. I said if she read the blog I go into the exact detail…..oh, never mind.

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