Today I painted and generally worked pretty hard

This morning started off with a phone call from my mother which I promptly ignored. She’s fantasising about running aerial cables from her bedroom to the kitchen. Like I’m going to crawl under her fucking floor. Sorry, but if it’s such a chore to eat you breakfast in the lounge rather than one of your other 50 TV’s then you really have nothing to live for. I’m sure when I phone her and say my curtains need taking up three inches she will come up with a whole multitude of excuses why she can’t do it. Sure, while your coming up with a diatribe of bile, please enjoy your laptop, your tumble dryer, oh and that fucking cheese, I hope it overpowers you.

So anyway, stayed in bed quite a while. This isn’t because I’m lazy, it’s really because of our time differences. Jamie usually does early shifts then falls asleep when he comes home then goes to bed in the middle of the morning. So the only time we get any intimate time together is usually on a Sunday. No, we didn’t bang like the creation of the earth, we just cuddled and snoozed. We had the kids on the bed as well, Sasha decided she wanted to sit on Jamie’s head. It was family time, it was fun, it was needed. I got up and got breakfast for three, two quadrupeds and me. They didn’t need coffee, I did. Read the paper.

Elaine Paige started, so was definitely time to crack on. I sanded a couple of bits that needed finishing and the cracked on with the painting. The first coat was awful, really patchy, I was quite worried. I painted the door frame in gloss, drank much coffee, bought a heli off eBay. Second coat however went on like a dream. Really love the coverage and the colour. To be honest it needs another coat, I have enough paint to do this. I’ve ordered a special roller to re-do the corners. I’m really quite pleased. Still, lots more work still to be done. But I did a nine hour shift of quite hard physical work. I’ve had a bath, shot-gunned a rather nice New-Zealand and the Indian take-away has arrived. I’ll count that as a successful weekend. I’m oddly quite enjoying life at the moment, even if it is rather expensive.

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