I’m really liking the Blade MCX2

So woke up this morning without any ill effects, so must just of overdone it slightly at spin. Did get a headache late afternoon though, but that’s nothing unusual.

Got a letter from the doctor to say they need to review my prescription before the next repeat, although I should have enough now to last through Christmas.

Played around with the MCX2 quite a bit. This is a co-axial heli, so fairly stable. I’ve programmed up some new settings on the Spektrum Dx6i and it flies really nicely now. It also has the advantage that I can fly it pretty easily indoors. So I’m going to get some good practice in on this. Also I have all the alloy parts to rebuild the CX2, so I’ll probably give that a blast tomorrow.

Went to pump. Did more work. Quiet kind of week really. Nothing wrong with that.

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