And now the BT line has reached an all new low

So today was still working on database stuff, but hey only one day left on it now. It is all coming together but it is a bit chaotic. Got my hair cut, I seem to have a bit of an ’emo’ fringe, I can dress in black and get all depressed, I think I quite like that idea.

Weather was piss poor, so apart from hair cut I didn’t venture out other than to pick bum boy up from work.

So spent quite a long work day dipping in and out of database stuff waiting for feedback and then going through more Japanese lessons. I’m now about halfway through Unit 5.

Halfway through the afternoon the Zen line dropped and resynced for no apparent reason. It’s now got a 12db margin and is syncing to just over 2mbps, which is just complete shit. I’m not going to piss around with it now but certainly if it continues that way I’ll log a fault with Zen as it used to be about 7mbps.

Watched the first episode of the new ‘Apprentice’, spent most of the time shouting at the telly and saying ‘what a complete cock’.

So one more work day to come and then I must really think about packing, I’ll think about it, but probably won’t do it.

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