We went to Fuji, okay may be we didn’t

So we started off slightly later than planned, but nothing really unusual. So we headed to Tokyo, then got on the shinkansen to Fuji, oddly the Fuji station was in the ass end of nowhere, so we ended up going to the end of the line. Then we turned round nd came back. So basically we spent two hours going nowhere. I did ask about a train to view Fuji better and it was like four hours.

So basically we spent the day (and over a hundred quid) going absolutely nowhere.

Still, we got out the hotel. Everyone is very sleepy, Jamie has yet another cold. I had a bath. I fell asleep in it twice. We went out to dinner and ate in a Korean place, although we had no idea of that at the time. The food was very nice and made a nice change. We then walked through the gay district again, sorry but it was just way too sleezy, we made it back to our bar. Drank beer. The guy there is as gay as fuck anyway.

So tomorrow is our last day, I’m sure we’ll make the most of it. It’s been fun.

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