So its sayonara to Tokyo but I have a feeling we will be back

So it was our last day in Tokyo. We had a lot of finishing off to do and a lot of shopping to catch up on. We started doing the culture thing though and visited another temple. We then dived off on to the train and visited basically about every Anime shop in Tokyo. We grabbed a quick bite at the end of some train line, then hit a few more shops. I bought a couple of extra bits of tat, Jamie bought most of Tokyo.

I must admit I don’t really understand Anime, it’s all strangely drawn characters which cost about 3000 Yen. I bought another Pokemon t-shirt, enough said.

We made it back to the hotel for about 8PM and packed. It’s quite sad really, but I never got through half of my t-shirts, never wore that second pair of shorts or jeans. I had a shower then we headed out for the final weird experience of the holiday. We visited the ‘Capcom’ bar which is at the ass end of Shinjuku. Now one point I will state here, what the fuck is it with Shinjuku, black guys and trying to intimidate people? Sorry not being racist here, but that’s twice now we’ve been approached by black guys giving us shit in this area, I don’t want to be your friend, I don’t want to shake hands with you, I don’t want to buy your drugs or go to your ‘titty bars’, I just want you to fuck off and leave me alone. You are a fucking disgrace and the sooner the Japanese locals can wipe you out of this area the better for them.

Anyway, back at the Capcom bar, which we found sort of tucked away at the coner of a lobby. We entered by almost a secret door and were cheered in. It was a rather strange experience, all the food was themed and most of it tasted pretty good as well. It was yet another experience that was unique to Japan. A great night out and it didn’t really break the bank either.

So what am I going to take back from Japan? Well it isn’t as expensive as it used to be by a long way, compared to London I’d now say it was bloody cheap. I really need to get into J-Pop boy bands, not that I like the music, just in which order I should bang them.

Tokyo I will miss you, for the griminess of Soho, yet the service of Harrods.

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