We should get Dillon on a skateboard, we’d then have Dill’s on Wheels

I woke up at 6:20 which was good enough. Took Sasha to daycare, Dillon was slightly put out that he wasn’t going anywhere. I think Sasha was quite happy to have a little break.

Went back to bed. Then rudely awaken at 9, by the cleaners phoning saying they would be here in twenty minutes. They arrived in ten. I quickly grabbed cereal and coffee and booted up the systems (both electrical and physical). So started work in good time.

Today working on audio code for Stephen, nothing really complicated, just quite a lot of math. Think I got most of it going in the end. Took Dillon out lunchtime, he’s actually a joy to walk on his own. I have no fear of meeting other dogs with Dillon, he just lies down and wags his tail. Got back and got back on with work. Picked up Sasha, she was quite happy, Dillon was happy when she was home. They both settled down quite quickly to sleep. I finished off work, gave them their tea and then I took Dillon out for another walk as Sasha was still very tired. Walked all the way over to Sarah’s and should them Dillon, who behaved beautifully, he is such a sweetie. Walked back, had a shower, ate salad. Now sat down with a glass of wine.

I’m feeling somewhat better today (health wise), although my teeth are all hurting, I really need to see the dentist and get them sorted next week, but it’s all been a bit stressful lately. I also want to get more ‘copter lessons, again, let’s get a few things out of the way first. The oddest image I’ve ever seen was on facebook today. The image of Nat’s coffin, after it was decorated by her kids. Not sure where I am with that at the moment, all still a bit surreal.

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