So what do you write on a coffin?

So last night I ended up sitting in the bath, getting somewhat upset, thinking about what I’m going to write on a coffin. The coffin in question belongs to my ex. girlfriend, well when I say ‘belongs’ she’s not exactly the owner, more the occupant. The idea is everyone gets the opportunity to write a message on the side of her coffin before she is buried. Okay, she’s never going to get to read it (well, not that I’m aware of anyway), but it still needs to be personal and have a meaning. I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I’m going to put, but did warn Jamie that when the time comes I may not be able to do it, apart from that his handwriting is far better than mine.

I’d don’t normally get very upset or cry, death really doesn’t upset me too much. Dad died, wasn’t a major upset, too much water under the bridge about that one (one day I’ll write the story of the burnt boat, that upsets me more every time I think about it than anything else). Grandparents died, again, not much. I think the last time I got really upset (now this is slightly ironic) is when ‘Nat’ died, not Natalie, but a small baby lizard I had. She died in my hand. Before that, probably, Judy, who was a dog. My parents dog, she died 19/4/89, there, a date that sticks in my mind forever. I couldn’t even tell you what year my dad died, let alone the day, I think it was the day before New Years but couldn’t count on it. Natalie’s death (back to the girl, not the lizard) did hit me a lot, we were together for about six years. We went on lots of holidays, we even had lots of very kinky sex. She made me sandwiches. And the last gift from me? Will be some obscure epitaph scrawled on the side of the box carrying her body.

I did wake up this morning after a good nights sleep. I felt so much better today than yesterday. I’ve had quite a nasty headache all day, but thankfully I’m not as bunged up. Although I could stick up a room full of wallpaper with the amount of snot that’s come out of my left nostril.

Work wise actually was very good. Bit of a day of two halves there. First half, not really an awful lot done. Then we took the dogs out lunchtime, Jamie has yet another day off, I’m sure he’s been fired or something, never seems to work any more. We had a lovely walk, I took Sasha and Jamie took Dillon. We walked through the nature reserve which was the first time for Dillon. He was pulling quite a bit, but was so friendly with other dogs. It seems to rub off a bit on Sasha as well as if he has a good greeting then she seems to be less defensive. We finished off up at the vets where he was weighed (21.6Kg) so a little bit lighter than Sasha. He’s all signed up now and I have his first lot of flea and worm stuff. I’ll do him tomorrow when Sasha is at daycare.

Afterwards I had lunch and then worked till quite late in the evening. Headache was still pounding, but I actually finished the first version of the renderer code. So tomorrow I’m doing a bit of audio work for Stephen.

Had a shower and then ate salad. I’m now lying on the couch with Dillon. He’s fast asleep and has on of his paws resting on my foot.

He’s getting on fine with Sasha, I think he tires her out, she’s upstairs fast asleep I expect. They do enjoy playing with each other, but still trying to work out the boundaries. They’ll both have a break tomorrow as I’ll take Sasha to daycare as normal.

I won’t write it, although I think it’s something she would find highly amusing…”Return to sender”.

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