Walking my dogs is like going out with my mother, someone needs to take a piss every three minutes

This morning started with getting breakfast for the crew, everyone behaved. I then opened the patio door and both Sasha and Dillon vanished for the mornings play session. I started work. Today again was working on some audio stuff with Stephen. Filtering and transmission wobbles,all made a nice change.

Dogs came in and fell asleep. I took them for a walk together, one on a chain lead the other on a rope lead, both the same length. It was great. It was like walking one slightly wide dog, they both walked beautifully in parallel. Everyone said they were a really handsome couple. Sasha seemed to be a lot better when we met other dogs. We had a nice long walk. The only odd thing was one had to pee about every three minutes and the other had to wait. Came back, they downed about three pints of water and then fell asleep.

They actually continued to sleep all afternoon. I carried on working but got a hell of a headache at about 4PM, I took some Neurophen which didn’t work, so went for codeine which work, but then zapped me completely. Still work was done.

Fed the dogs, again no problems and we all fell asleep again until Jamie got home. I then watched the ‘geek’ remake of Knightmare, which had Dan and Phil in, that brought back some memories. Strange that I thought the Dungeon Master was dead, actually after a google he isn’t.

Gave the dogs a Kong each, they seemed okay to actually have one each this time. I think I may get a drinking fountain for them as I’m getting pissed off having to keep refilling all the bowls.

Torture porn night, Dillons first one.

Oh, one other quick thing, got an email from Virgin Media, my cable line has been upgraded to 120mbps and upload is now 10mpbs. Nice upgrade for nowt.

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