Wax on, wax off

Just to catch up with last night, we ate at the Italian. I had the sea bass ravioli which was “Interesting” to say the least.

So this morning, Jamie brought me breakfast eventually. I then ventured down and got stuck into painting. Did a complete mist coat 50/50 first. There are a couple of areas where I haven’t neutralised the paint stripper so will have to go back over them. I then did too complete base coats using quite a thick paint. Again, this will need sanding down and finishing.

So much work still to be done. I’m sure I’ve dwelled on this before, but if I take after my dad I have about another twenty-four years left. So what’s going to happen in that time? Well, I’ll eventually be able to cremate mother. I will have to hire a marquee to house everyone from QVC and bid-up TV for their morning. I’ll then enjoy watching their share price plummet. I’ll kill my own kids. People say that nothing will ever give you 100% trust, affection and loyalty. Bullshit. A dog will give you all of those. So at some point, they will be looking directly at me in the eye thinking, “Daddy what are you doing to me?”, as I give the signal for sodium pentathol to be circulated through their veins. Their eyes will water as they give me one more conscious look before they pass into oblivion. Nat (the lizard) died in my hand, it may be due to bad up-keep on my half, but seeing a creature take it’s last breath while your holding it is quite hard.

Jamie has spent the day doing bugger all. I’ve spent nine hours working fairly hard. Sorry dear, but if you’re the size of a blimp I’d rather fuck my own hand.

I’m going to die sad and lonely, it’s my destiny, nothing I can do about it, it will happen. I blame my mother.

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