Don’t build a concert venue, it’s really stressful

So this mornings dreams. First I was in Tesco’s pushing around a shallow empty trolley. I bumped into Ralph, a guy I used to do kart racing with. I said I had everything ready. He turned round and said he decided against it. I then called him a c**t for not wanting to climb Snowdon and that I’d already paid for everything so I was going to sue him. Then I was building a night club. It was an empty shell. It was opening that evening but was a building site. I walked ground and there was just concrete everywhere. I went back into the kitchen where the welcome party was about to commence, they were giving out posh bottled water and there was a cheese board. I then went back out to the venue and entered a back entrance. I climbed up a rope ladder and then appeared on the main floor. I asked the gaffer “Isn’t that a bit dangerous?”, he said it was fine and that there had already been a few people up there including a fit surfer. I walked round and on one of the main concert stages there was a plasterer filling in holes. He was very fit, I don’t have munters in my dreams, I’m surrounded by too many of them in my reality. I walked round and came across an old rock tribute band tuning up in the corner. Then I woke up.

Took the dogs to Almondsbury Hill’s. They had a great time. Came back, had lunch. Went out and found a geocache that I’ve failed to find on two previous attempts. I have a feeling it’s been replaced recently. Dropped off a travel bug. This gets it out of the way as I’ve decided that unless we have a bit of a heatwave then geocaching is not really a winter sport. Weekends will now mainly be decorating. Went to Tesco’s. Got my flu jab. Picked up some eggs. Visited mother.

Came back and attempted to fly one of my helicopters. I only bent the tail boom and broke a support off. Then I noticed that I’m actually putting the battery in the wrong place and it actually already had one in there. What a twat. Hopefully now if I sort that out it will fly better.

Going out to eat tonight. Italian. Tomorrow it’s painting, lots of painting.

Oh, I won the head set:)

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