Finally caught up with my Trip-advisor reviews

Had a hell of a headache this morning, nothing to do with alcohol, I think it was down to paint fumes. So started work very late after a few pills. Felt fine afterwards.

Working on debugging the main game still. Fixed some crashes to do with damage. Fixed motion blur, now on to depth of field.

Went to the gym and did combat. Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow, either running, circuits or spin, should be interesting.

Came back and did more work, while trying to fly the model simulator. I’m not going to comment on what I’ve bought today.

Sat down and caught up with my Trip-advisor reviews. One for the hotel in Turkey, another for Alton Towers, again for the hotel at Alton Towers and finally for the Italian we went to on Saturday.

Dillon refused to have his head collar on, so he didn’t get a walk. He will learn.

Doesn’t look like I’ll be flying this week due to the piss poor weather which is rather annoying.

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