Virtualisation and a decade of death

Today is a bit of an odd day. It’s the tenth aniversary of my dad’s death. I decided therefore it was a good day to carry out a few changes, say goodbye to a few things and move on.

Started off with breakfast as normal, then I decided to do another vlog, so sat in bed and recorded another one off the cuff. It was back to virtualising my old PC. This was a machine running Windows 2000 and probably dated back well before that OS came out. I only ever used it to run Microsoft Money on. Last night I’d left it so it could boot, this morning I was trying to change the display resolution. After an hour or so I had to give up and take the dogs for a walk. Came back and had a light lunch, then it was off to Staverton.

It’s been about three weeks since I’d flown so was really looking forward to it. Today, really was all about circuits. Considering I’d hadn’t been up for a while and there was quite a strong wind I didn’t give a second thought to hovering, it just came completely naturally. I took off to the North West and we flew over the flood planes, this was a very different view to what I’ve seen before, it was really quite strange seeing a lot of Tewkesbury under water. We did an auto-rotation from 3,000ft and then returned to the airfield. It was then about a solid hour of circuits. So doing a 360 lookout, taking off to the North West, right turn, climbing to 700ft, levelling off, then turn again, carb heat full, down to 15 inches and start the descent. Keep it at 60 knots until 300ft then keep the landing spot in the middle of the windscreen with the collective and keep it coming towards you at a constant rate with the cyclic. Must of done about ten circuits, okay so a few were too quick, too high, too slow etc. But I need to get the hang of it. But every single one I landed unaided, I don’t think James had to touch the controls once. Really enjoyed that one, it was getting very dark towards the end so even got some night flying in. Really must sort my medical out now as it’s getting very close to solo time.

Came back and Sarah popped round to pick up some lights. It was then back on that PC virtualisation. I installed VMware tools using a later version of VMplayer and then everything was fine. I uninstalled a load of stuff that was no longer required and that was it, old pc working perfectly in a window on my big machine. It was time now to wave goodbye to the old PC. I disconnected it all and moved the monitor the bathroom. Nothing wrong with it at all, £400 worth if IIyama and it’s about to be escorted to the tip. I moved the iMac over to it’s position and gave everything a thorough clean. It was a shame to kill the old machine, but really anything running Windows 2000, it was really time to say goodbye. The iMac is now in a good position where I can actually use it. I had a play around with some paint shop type programs to try and do a back ground for my YouTube page, boy have I got a shit load of learning to do. I’ve ordered a book on iMovie, I may look at getting Photo Elements or something as well. I enjoy the playing around.

Had a good tidy up. Cleaned out the lizard tanks. Printed out all the stuff for New Years. I think that’s going to be good fun, tacky, but good fun.

And now here I am, typing this on the iMac. It’s quite nice. Early start tomorrow, think I’ll head to bed shortly and do a bit of reading.

Anyway, don’t forget, you can follow me on twitter @mannmansion or now you can go to my new YouTube channel MannMansion and watch video of my talking about my weird life with a bonus nipple shot.

There will probably be no update tomorrow as I’m in London, but certainly over the next few days I’ll be doing a bit of a review and a round up of the rather strange year.

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