Tyres, more to it than just a piece of rubber

Got up at 6:20 and took Sasha to daycare. Went back to bed. Didn’t start work until 10:45, but still way over time, so no real concern.

Ordered a two hundred quid book on vehicle dynamics. Filled in an expense claim for two hundred quid.

Working on tyre dynamics. More specifically Pacejka tyre models, which is a very fascinating area of physics. It’s all to do with forces generated from tyres. I can’t really go into what I’m working on specifically, but lets just say I’m finding it very interesting.

Big tub of paint arrived.

Picked up the dog.

Did another Japanese unit. That’s something else I’m very pleased with my progress on.

Ate pizza, Jamie decided he wanted to eat something after feeling ill for god knows how long. So had a bath and a couple of cans. I’m slowly beginning to feel better but still a long way from 100%.

Hopefully by the weekend I will have recovered.

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