Oddly Toolstation doesn’t seem to stock paint stripper, yet Tesco’s does

Today I did feel somewhat better, if not great. I was able to concentrate at least, which was very useful considering I was messing about with physics again. Today it was Coulomb friction models again, this time I did manage to get on top of it though. Knocked all that on the head so tomorrow I can get on with the next bit, which is all to do with slip angles. That will be fun.

Jamie got sent home from work, not because he was a naughty boy but because he was a health hazard. So I walked the dog. Finished fairly early to make up for extra hours. Did some Japanese. Then did a recheck for a dog. Oddly it wasn’t the same dog the lady was down for, communication, wonderful thing. Anyway, the lady and dog were both fine.

Came back, ate salad. Started watching ‘House of cards’ on NetFlix. Not sure yet. May give it another episode, but it’s not really the same without Ian Richardson, “Call me daddy”.

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