So after two years it’s finally finished, wtf do I do on Sunday’s now?

This morning started with a rather odd facebook conversation with a couple of people, the exact details of which will remain private for now.

Cracked on with the dinning room. Cleaned up the patio door, then on with the electrics. Turned off the power and there was no beeping from upstairs, the UPS is fucked. Changed the sockets and powered it all back up again, all was fine. Need to buy new UPS. Changed the light switch. Refitted the PIR sensor and heating thermostat. Then did the network port.

Mother then arrived late and then sat there and talked while I put the curtain rail up. God, can she talk. She even got to the point of reading out every Tesco voucher she had. I really don’t give a shit if she gets five pee of a bloody tampon. She handed me the curtains and I threaded them on. They look fine to me, she isn’t happy with them.

I fitted the new light and that’s it, all done. Two years in the making.

Bottled the Californian White, had a glass in the bath, it’s very good.

Jamie has managed to whack up a hell of a bill on my credit card, including cancelled transactions, lovely. Hopefully it will all sort itself out.

Arcade cabinet arriving tomorrow. My sanity may depart.

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