I quite like grab adhesives

So today started unlike a normal Monday, basically I wasn’t working. So had breakfast with the dogs, then cracked on moving stuff about, hopefully for the last time. Started on the beading after some more touching up. Got the chop saw out and made a start. It was actually fairly straightforward. Used a lot of ‘no nails’ type stuff, it works really well and holds beautifully. Walked Sasha, had lunch. Managed to finish it all before going to the gym.

Did combat. Came back. Started on the sealing, what a pain in the ass that was. The brown was fine, but both white caulks were broken. Luckily I had a spare one in the garage. Did the lot and touched everything up again. Okay, so if I spent god knows how much longer on it I could cut in finer, but considering none of the walls are even or level it’s a big ask. I’m pretty pleased with the overall result. Need to clean the patio door, then it’s all the sockets and light, as well as the curtain rail. Feel completely knackered now, and I have to do it all again tomorrow.

Oh one thing, I did managed to get a hand signed Dan & Phil poster, and a t-shirt. What a weird stalkery geek I am.

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