Towa of Tera

So today we were planning on starting early anyway. But we were both wide awake at about 4AM. We couldn’t really get back to sleep either. It ended up with Jamie creating a bit of a mess in my bed. Nothing quite like crusty sheets.

We made it to the subway for 9:30AM and through a variety of trains got to Tokyo Disneyland. We ended up at the train station bit where a friendly lady guided us to where the hell we were meant to go. Today we were doing Tokyo Disneysea, tomorrow we are doing Tokyo Disneyland. We would have spread it out a bit but that’s how the tickets work. So we spent the day in Disneysea. Well we spent the bulk of the day queuing to be honest. We got a fast pass to the ‘Towa of Tera’, sorry, ‘Tower of Terror’ and then queued for the Indianan Jones ride and then another ride. We went back and did the tower which I must admit although not based on the ‘Twilight Zone’ stuff it had a great drop sequence. We then queued an hour and twenty minutes for the ‘Toy Story’ ride. We watched a couple of shows and then it decided to piss down, which actually was quite useful as it thinned out the crowds. We ate at a sort of buffet thing which was a hell of a price but was cheaper than some options.

Came back to the hotel at about 10PM. Picked up some munchies and beer. Must admit feel fairy tired after the whole day, but have to do a pretty much identical one tomorrow.

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