Maid cafe – I really thought I’d seen it all

The alarm was set for 9:30, my body clock wasn’t. So at about 11:30 we finally made it out. Jamie was dressed as some sort of preppie, I was dressed as an extra from a death metal band as usual. We walked towards Shinjuku and admired it’s true chaos in daylight.

Hopped on a metro and went to Ginza. The Sony building. Which wasn’t as interesting as I remember it, so did the whole thing in about twenty minutes. Walked round Ginza for a bit. All very pricey. Hopped on a train again and went to Akiharbara. Then spent about an hour trying to find this ‘Maid Cafe’, which Jamie was obsessed about. In the end we didn’t find the exact one as it appeared to no longer exist. However we found this chain on the second floor of a tower block. Now I’ve experienced some strange shit in my life but this really takes the biscuit. There are a bunch of 30 year old woman dressed as 13 year old school girls. Now I just don’t know where it’s coming from. In the restaurant was a couple of guys, a French couple and then a bunch of whats best described as fucking weirdos. One was I’m sure just going through a bus timetable and giggling to himself. There were two others who I’m sure their penises had only ever been used for pissing and self mutilation. Anyway, this ‘Maid’ came to our table and we had to do this little ‘song’ for the candle. Then we ordered some chicken stuff. Jamie went for the set menu which included a photo with the maids. The food was okay. I had a giant beer. Considering I hadn’t drunk anything other than a sip of water since 5AM it was well required. Anyway, after food it just got fucking weirder. The maids puton this show which basically consisted of one standing on a stage lip-syncing to a very loud song, while several of the scary people (who new every move) danced around with glow sticks. It was a weird experience. Very Japanese.

We wandered round Akiharbara for a bit and visited several arcades. Eneded up playing this new type dance game thing which was very fun. Went back to the hotel, felt very tired again so had a little nap.

Then ventured out. We decided to eat traditional Japanese tonight, so found a place which had the dishes in plastic shown outside in the windows. The menus were all very Japanese, I’m very pleased I practiced my “Regarding Chicken, does it exist?”, phrases. I ended up with a rather nice chicken and tomato dish. Very reasonable price as well.

We then ventured off to find a bar. Which we found in about 30 feet. Sat down. All the menus were in Japanese but they understood the concept of ‘large beer’, Asahai. I like this bar. I had two, Jamie had one, it came to 1400 Yen which isn’t divisable by 3 so they didn’t charge me for one. I’ll be back to this place again.

So all in all, a very strange but yet very enjoyable day.

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