“You’re going to get into a honey pot and enjoy it”

So today was the first day that we slept through the night and woke up at a sensible time, that is about 10AM. We slowly surfaced, although bed was indeed a nice place to be. I had a tea and my cornflake replacement cereal (I have no idea what it is, but the picture looks like Frosties and it tastes just fine). Jamie took about half an hour to put his face on and do his hair. I took about three minutes. We repeated yesterdays journey and arrived at Disneyland Tokyo at about 11:30. It was packed and it was hot. We got fast passes for space mountain then meandered a bit. Did ‘It’s a small world’, which is just as irritating here as it is in every other country in the world. We then went back and did Space Mountain, which out of all the non-inverting versions of it I reckon this one is the best one, as it’s all pretty much pitch black.

We then took our places sat down for the parade, now this being Japan everybody sat nicely and nobody stood up, if this was the USA then everyone would have stood up and some fat twat with the ass the size of Texas would have blocked everybody’s view. If it was France the parade wouldn’t have gone ahead anyway as everyone would be on strike. The parade was very good.

We then went and had lunch (pizza, it was Friday, actually it was a fairly awful sausage pizza so it doesn’t really count). Then went back and did the haunted mansion. Then Jamie insisted we queued for over an hour to do the ‘Winnie the Pooh’ ride. I wasn’t overly impressed, after about 50 minutes of me moaning he finally said, “You’re going to sit in a honey pot and enjoy it”, I was apparently a small scalded child. I sat in a honey pot and enjoyed it. Technically it was quite impressive I’ll have to look up how it actually works.

We then had a Churro and a coke which I ordered from a stand entirely in Japanese. I’m very impressed with my 250 quid investment in the language so far, where all I’ve asked is ‘Does chicken exist?’, and ‘Two churro’s and a small coke please’. Mind you I was impressed than I could get the ‘small’ in. Also never go to Japan with me if I have more than one extra person as I only know the words for ‘One of’ and ‘two of’.

We watched the electrical parade, which again was impressive and again we had a non-restricted by fat American arses view. It was getting a bit chilly, I would say there was a bit of a ‘nip’ in the air, but that wouldn’t really be appropriate.

We then queued outside one of the Disney full service restaurants, we didn’t wait long to be honest. Had a fairly nice three course meal. Thanks to the power (or lack of) of the Yen we ate for about 13 quid, which by any standards, let alone Disney is pretty bloody good.

We then made the crawl back to the hotel again. I was insisting we went out tonight, but Jamie is moaning about being tired and requiring his beauty sleep, so I picked up a couple of cans and decided update everything instead as I’m a bit behind with a few bits.

Off to Yokohama tomorrow.

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